Our artisan baker, Hannah Newman, was raised in a close-knit Jewish family. Her mother and grandmother were Holocaust survivors. Hannah's grandmother, Rebecka, brought up her three children on her own after losing her husband during the final days of the war and lived with Hannah's family until her last day. Grandma Rebecka was the queen of the family. She infused the home with the rich traditions and culture of Eastern Europe. Not only did she display and teach a high standard of values, she was also the most exceptional baker. Whenever Hannah and her sister Alisa would return home from school, Grandma would have a scrumptious hot dinner waiting for them. But the highlight of Grandma Rebecka's cuisine was her special babka, which was reserved for the most special occasions.

As Hannah grew up, she continued the tradition of baking Grandma's babka. It was close to her heart because it triggered childhood memories of her warm and loving home. Hannah would occasionally share this delicacy with her friends, and whenever Hannah wanted to show a token of appreciation, a babka was used to convey that message.


Over the course of time, the babka's popularity grew and people would contact Hannah to purchase babkas. Upon seeing the high level of demand, Hannah decided to take the next step and open a business. With that, the Babka Boutique was established.


Monsey - N.Y - USA

Mon - Thurs: 10am - 7pm

​​Sun: 10am - 8pm



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